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VanMoof S3

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(V0x) VanMoof Ownership and Support

(V01) Best Online VM Groups

Official VanMoof page

VanMoofing group

VanMoofing group files page (TONS of great info)

VanMoof Addicts group

VanMoof S3/X3 Electrified group

VanMoof S3 Owners

VanMoof Bicycles Reddit

(V02) Hall of Fame

Here are some links to some of the most decked out VanMoofs of all time.  Pee Wee Herman, eat your heart out.


1. Eric Litman (USA)
ALL the accessories

2. Stéphane Ashpool (France)
X3s in red and green

3. Mike Marks (England)
S3 light with all brown trim – still minimalist

4. Tom Lawson (England)
S3 light with 150% brown trim

Just OK.

(V1x) VanMoof S3 Upgrades

by.schultz G.2 LT seatpost

Brooks B67 Saddle

VM Air Suspension Saddle

(V10) Seats and Seatposts

The S3, unlike the S2, has an integrated seat and seatpost.  The seat can’t be switched out separately. The replacement seatpost diameter needs to be 33.9/34mm (source).  Posts as small as 28mm might work due to their seat clamp structure (source). Using a shim can be problematic because the internal clamp will squeeze on that instead of the seatpost.  This will cause the seat or post or both to slip (source).  Finally, suspension seat posts have a significant minimum height due to the suspension parts, unlike a standard seatpost which can be lowered all the way down to the height of the top tube.

Compatible Seat Posts

Original VanMoof S2 seatpost
  (source.1)  (source.2)

Dahon seatpost BXL1702000084
(source.1)  (source.2)  (source.3)
*Many people report needing to cut these Dahon 600mm posts down using a handsaw.

Schultze G.2 suspension seatpost w/integrated suspension spring just below the seat.
(  (source.1)

Bikight suspension seatpost 

Tested on an S2 – low cost – also labelled as Zoom brand.

Decathalon/Selle 570mm anti-theft 

Redshift Shockstop suspension seatpost
requires a shim and is very expensive

Popular Seats

VanMoof Air Suspension saddle
(  (source.1)

Brooks Cambium C19 – soft
(  (source.1)

Brooks B67 – softer
(  (source.1)  (source.2)

Brooks B135 – even softer
(  (source.1)

Ergon SC Core Prime Men’s
(  (source.1)

Selle Royal Drifter Plus 
(  (source.1)

Zacro BS031 seat cover

(V11) Pedals

The two reasons people seem to upgrade the factory pedals are grip and appearance. Please take care when installing and remember to note which is the left and right pedal. (source).

Popular Pedals

1. Btwin City 520 Hypergrip
(  (source.1) 

2. Moto Urban Reflex
(  (source.1)  (source.2)  (source .3 – don’t do this)

3. Acros A Flat urban pedal
(  (source.1)  (source.2)

Moto Urban Reflex pedals

Factory tire: Schwalbe Big Ben 28×2.00 with K-Guard

Schwalbe Big Ben 28×2.00 with Green-Guard (creme)

Schwalbe AV19 tube

(V12) Tires

S3s come with Schwalbe Big Ben tires (50-622 w/K-Guard).  These Kevlar-reinforced tires are 28×2.00 and the recommended inflation is around 50psi.  On the Schwalbe scale of 1-7, these only rate a 3 in terms of puncture protection (source).

The list below shows tires that have been used (and usually reviewed) by at least one VM S3 rider.

Preventative Maintenance

1. Slime – good for sealing small punctures, can also be messy (  (source.1)

2. Bikeseal
(source.1)  (source.2)

Common Tire Replacements/Upgrades

1. Schwalbe Big Ben 50-622 w/Level 3 (K-Guard) puncture protection black, brown, or creme   —> THE VM STOCK S3 TIRE

2. Schwalbe Fat Frank 50-622 w/Level 3 (K-Guard) puncture protection black, brown, creme, w/whitewalls
(source.1)  (source.2)

3. Schwalbe Big Ben 50-622 w/Level 4 (RaceGuard) puncture protection

4. Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 50-622 w/Level 5 (GreenGuard) puncture protection
  (source.2)  (source.3)

5. Schwalbe Marathon 50-622 w/Level 7 (E-Plus) puncture protection

5. Pirelli Cycl-e GT 50-622

Tube Replacements/Upgrades

1. Schwalbe AV19

(V13) Belt Drive

When Veer announced a $450 USD belt drive for the S3, there wasn’t a huge rush of first adopters.  The selling points are durability, weight reduction, and a quieter ride.

Veer product page 

Simple overview of Veer carbon belts 

Video tutorial for installing the Veer on an S3 

Veer VanMoof Belt Drive Upgrade

Brooks Ergon GP-1 grips

(V14) Grips

Grip upgrades are a can of worms for S3 riders.  There is wiring just underneath which makes it hard to remove the old grips without at best making a mess (source) or at worst damaging the electronics (source.1)  (source.2).  One helpful rider notes that his wires were on the underside so he cut the old ones off on the top (source).  Another one says you can avoid cutting if you use a hairdryer to loosen the glue (source), but be sure not to twist too much because the wires actually rest in a notch in the bottom of the original grips (source).  To get the new ones to stick, one suggestion is to coat the bar with double-sided tape and squirt lighter fluid on it to liquify the adhesive just before sliding the new grips on (source).

Brooks Ergon GP 1
(  (source.1)  (source.2)


(V2x) VanMoof S3 Accessories

Quadlock phone mount

Loop Mount

(V20) Phone Mounts

The most popular mount seems to be the Quadlock for its ease of removal.  A special Quadlock case is also required.  The Loop Mount is a brand new pinch-style mount with a minimal design that doesn’t require a dedicated case.


1. Quadlock kit – case and mount
(  (source.1)  (source.2)  (source.3)

2. Loopmount
(  (source.1)

(V21) GPS Trackers


The S3 can be tracked by VanMoof if it ever goes missing, but we need a third-party tracker to have that capability on our own.


1. ILockIt wheel lock with GPS – mentioned in forums, but no users.  Double check that this can fit over an S3 fender.
(  (source.1)

2. Guardian GPS bike light (stealth)
(  (source.1)

2.1 Guardian GPS drone tracker (super-stealth)

3. Trackimo global 3G tracker

4. Invoxia Bike tracker
not 3G – sigfox GPS

4.1 Invoxia mini tracker
not 3G

Guardian GPS bike light

Trackimo 3G

Abus Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

Kryptonite New York M-18 WL

Foldy Compact

Hiplock Gold

Litelok Gold

(V22) Locks

The factory kick lock on the S3 is great for preventing someone from riding away with your bike.  But, as heavy as it is, the bike can still be easily lifted and taken away.  The use of a physical lock is a compromise and riders have put a lot of research into which one best compliments the S3 design as which one is the most convenient to use.

VanMoof stocks several Abus locks in their online shop – a solid endorsement!  However, they neglect to include model numbers.  Since Abus makes locks in a dizzying number of variations (ex. 94 different Bordos), it’s not easy to compare.

For example, the VanMoof locking chain is for older model VM bikes.  You might recognize them from the tell-tale triangular lock storage pouch just above the cranks.  The S3 comes with a ‘stealth lock’ – a name meant to differentiate from the earlier locking systems (specifically on the Electrified X) that plugged an end of the chain lock directly into a socket the frame.  These chains, while still available, and sometimes shamelessly smashed off the frames by thieves (source), aren’t for the S3.

Interested in what an OG electrified VM riding experience was like? Here is a cool article by Willem Middelkoop.

A great place to start some further lock research is to read a thoughtful response to this question from u/vinylemulator.  There is a lot to consider: strength, storage location, compatibility, weight, and price.  Another good source is this article from Finally, check out the ratings awarded by the locksmith-operated rating organization Sold Secure.

Before buying, make sure it’s compatible with the S3.  Some people who order frame-mounted locks are finding that the holders don’t fit on the S3’s seat tube 39mm diameter (source).

Even users of the most popular Abus Bordo Granit 6000 series seem to have a preference for the Abus “click-style” holder over the “rubber-style” holster. (source)

VanMoof shop

1. VM Shop – Abus Folding Lock – 5.5mm hardened steel with soft coating – 85cm/1.5kg – carrying case or frame mounted  (NL.source)  (US.source)
S3 frame clip info (source)

2. VM Shop – Abus Chain Lock – flexible chain in a nylon sleeve – 110cm/2kg  (NL.source)  (US.source)

Important Note: Some locks in the VM online shop are not compatible with the current S3, even though they appear first on the list.

Other recommended Locks

1. Abus Bordo Granit Xplus 6500 folding
Sold Secure Gold rated
1.76kg/85cm  (  (source.1)
Special S3 frame clip info (source)

2. Foldylock compact lightweight folding lock
Sold Secure Silver rated
1kg/85cm  (  (source.1)

3. Kryptonite Lock M18-WL D-Lock
Sold Secure Diamond rated
2.76kg (listed as a snowmobile lock)
(  (source.1)

4. Kryptonite New York lock series  (  (MFG.  (source.1)

5. Hiplok Gold wearable chain lock
(  (source.1)

*6. Litelok Gold Moto 108 lightweight flexible lock
1.46kg/107.5cm  ( 

*7. Litelok Gold lightweight flexible lock
1.1kg/74cm  (

*not Sold Secure rated.  There are some videos on YouTube from a few years ago where the older Litelok Gold locks were cut (tester in controlled conditions) or pulled apart (streetside.1) (streetside.2)  using certain powerful tools.  Current videos and articles show that the newer Liteloks (2020) are not so easily cut (tester in controlled conditions)  (tester in controlled conditions 2).

**8. The Skunklock

(V23) Helmets

VanMoof commuters aren’t all alike.  While some aren’t too fussy, others have done some real research and came up with some interesting options for those who have concerns about protection, visibility, and avoiding being a sweaty mess.

1. Lumos helmets w/LED lights
(  (source.1)

2. Hovding neck airbag helmet
(  (source.1)


Lumos LED helmets

Fiks wheel reflector tape

Rainette spoke reflectors

(V24) Reflectors

S3s come with a set of basic wheel reflectors.  While legally required in some areas, other riders have chosen to use reflective stickers that blend in with the colors of the rims and fenders and are invisible during the day.


1. Pulhem black reflective stickers (EU)
(  (source.1)

2. Fiks reflector tape – several colors (US)
(  (source.1)

3. Shiok! reflector stickers

4. Flectr reflector stickers
(  (source.1)  (source.2)

5. Rainette spoke reflectors
(  (source.1)

(V25) Pannier Bags

With VanMoof’s rear rack, pannier bags are a breeze to install and use.  You’d think.

One key issue that many riders are running into is the size of the bag.  Many larger bags, when fully loaded, will either rub the paint or accidently deploy the kick lock!

1. VanMoof large pannier bag
rests just above the kicklock
(EU.Source)  (US.source)  (source.1)

2. VanMoof small pannier bag
(EU.Source)  (US.source)

3. Ortlieb Office Bag
(  (source.1)  (source.2)

4. Decathalon pannier backpack
(  (source.1)

5. Basil LED pannier backpack
(  (source.1)


VanMoof large pannier bag

Ortlieb Office Bag

Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Frame mount child seat

Shotgun MTB seat (only seen on X3)

(V26) Child Seats

The S3 is a tall bike.  If you can mount it WITH a child seat installed, you must be half a ninja.


1. Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Frame
(  (source.1)  (source.2)  (source.3)

2. Shotgun MTB seat (seen on X3)
(  (source.1)  (source.2)

3. Thule mounting info for trailing carriers
(S3.source)  (S2.reference)


(V27) Pumps

I saw this at the local VanMoof shop and bought one myself.  Super easy to use.  Preset the PSI using the + or – buttons.  Will automatically shut off once it reaches pressure.  Not silent.


1. Xiaomi Air Pump


Xiaomi air pump

(V28) Wall Mounts

The S3



(V29) Miscellaneous

Power Banks

The non-removable battery in the S3 is less prone to theft.  On the other hand, it also means you need to park it near an outlet.  A heavy-duty power bank is a good alternative to lugging it up 5 flights of stairs.  However, these power banks can be expensive, provide a limited number of lifetime cycles, and probably don’t hold enough juice to fully charge a drained bike battery.

The science behind choosing the right power bank is that it needs to provide adequate wattage.  For some reason, that detail is never printed.  Remember story problems?


The VanMoof S3 charger specs are
Output: 42v  4A
Input (your local voltage)  up to 2.5 A
(note: S2 power supplies are similar, but NOT interchangeable)


Because the input has two variables, calculating the output wattage of the S3 power supply can give a better estimate of the wattage needed from a power bank.

Volts + Amps = Watts
42v x 4A = 168 watts


Keep in mind that this is the output.  It will need more power depending on how efficient it is.  The Enerpad 80K has a continuous output of 200w (important when it will be charging your bike for hours) and a peak of 250w.


Phone Apps

There is a lot of controversy over VanMoof’s decision to discontinue the manual selection of the user location in the VM app.  European users who had been using the US location settings saw their peak assistance speeds drop when forced to change to the EU setting.  VM had little choice due to the reports of law enforcement targeting their bikes for having assistance power beyond the legal limits.  Police in Germany were stopping VanMoof riders and checking the location settings in their apps.  If found to be using the US mode, police reportedly deflated their tires.  In EU countries where enforcement isn’t so strict, some users change their location setting before installing (iOS) or use an older APK (Android) (source.1)

Along came the Moofer app.

This app gave the control back to EU users*  It also unlocked some features that exist in the firmware but remain unactivated (level 5 assist, manual gear shifting, etc.).  It seems that VanMoof isn’t taking a position on the app because it doesn’t affect the firmware of the bike (which would void the warranty).

Moofer for Android

Moofer for iOS

Moofer for Urban Dictionary


S3 power supply adapter

Enerpad Power Bank (80k version)

(V3x) Tips and Troubleshooting

VanMoof setup-video
Charging at 4:30

(V30) Charging

VanMoof charging article

Connect:  plug into wall, then plug into bike
Optimal battery level is between 10-90%
(don’t fully charge or discharge the bike)

VM Bike Doctor: When unplugging, unplug from the wall first. (source.1)  (source.2)

(source.1)  (source.2)  (source.3)

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