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I’ve been using Samsung SSDs exclusively for years.  The Data Migration software has always been 100% … until last month when I got a new HP computer.


Samsung Data Migration stops responding and closes after :20 seconds when trying to clone a hard drive.

Key Questions:

1. Is your drive ‘”offline” after attempting to clone it?

2. Does “BitLocker”encryption appear in the source drive description?

1. Is your destination disk offline?

Click START (windows icon on lower left)
>>> click DISK MANAGEMENT in the left column under Storage

When you hover over the information icon, does it say “Offline (The disk is offline because of a policy set by an administrator)”

2. Set the disk to online (optional).

Follow the instructions on this video through 1:34 (confirming the drive is online) and try the Samsung Data Migration again.

(After completing this step, you may find that your Data Migration software will continue to fail.  This isn’t a problem.  In that case, carry on to step 3.)

3. Is the source drive protected by BitLocker?

In my case, even though it was a brand new computer, the process of encryption had already started.  Once I disabled this, Samsung Data Migration worked as expected.

click on the START icon in the lower left corner
>>> type BitLocker and select MANAGE BITLOCKER
>>> turn it off. 

You may get a message explaining that the process of encryption has already started, but don’t be deterred.  Once BitLocker is off and the de-encryption process has been completed, try Samsung Data Migration again.


For more info:


TL;DR – Samsung Data Migration can be foiled by BitLocker encrypted source drives.  Also, new computers may already be running aspects of BitLocker by default.